Pepper Rice

Add oil in the pan heat and add mustard

Add some finely chopped onions and red chilly and fry well.

Finely grind some pepper corns to fine powder and add to the fried onions

Add curry leaves and stir well add salt to taste Add rice to the pan and stir wellStir well till the rice gets heat. Now the pepper rice is ready to serve.Enjoy the simple n easy pepper rice and enjoy

Mutton Biriyaani

Hi friends…Today I share you mutton biryani receipe.

Heat a pan.. Add some ghee n oil… Add all the whole spices.

Add the finely chopped onions and fry till it turns golden

Add the 2 green chilly and 3 tomatoes

Grind the above ingredients and make fine paste and put into the pan

Stir until oil separate from the mixer

Add the mutton pieces and stir well add some salt, chilly powder to taste

Add 4 cups of water for 2 cups of rice

Add hand full of coriander and mint leaves

With pieces and water cook for 4 sound in pressure cooker

Aft 4 sound in pressure cooker add 2 cups of basumathi rice which is soaked for 30mins

Again pressure cook it for 2 sounds

Aft 2 sound open the cooker

Perfectly cooked mutton biryani is ready to taste!

Pls all try this in your kitchen..

Chapathi Role

Hi friends…Today i share you how to prepare simple and easy chapati role.


These are the main ingredients used for the dish

1.Add some oil heat well ,add some ginger and garlic.

2.Add all veg(carrot,mushroom,capsi,beans)

3.fry well the add salt,turmeric powder,chilly powder to taste and fry well

4.Make chapathi dough before half an hour and keep it rest for soft rolls.

5.Make chapathi’s

6.cook the chapathi’s(lightly)

7.Apply tomato sause on the cooked chapathi and grate cheese on it

8.Keep 2 table spoon of sorted vegetables

9.Roll and heat like this

10.Here a simple roll is ready..please do enjoy…pls comment your suggestions.thank you..